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Anthony Bileddo

Chief Executive Officer

(815) 524-2334

Director Biomedical and Clinical Engineering


Well rounded multi-Division Director with experience managing healthcare operations with both clinical and biomedical engineering experience.


  • Lean Six Sigma certified
  • Biomedical
  • Clinical Engineering
  • Healthcare Management
  • Hospital
  • Management


Division Director Biomedical and Clinical Engineering

10+ year in Biomedical Engineering leadership experience in hospital area.

  • Designed custom monitoring solutions to meet the needs of physicians, and clinicians while routinely getting costs lower than the project budgets of hospital and corporate capital equipment budgets for projects.
  • Consistently looked for ways to reduce average length of stay through the proper use and expansion of medical systems.
  • Currently routinely finds cost savings and cost avoidance strategies that exceed 1 million dollars per week for all hospitals.
  • Created savings on medical equipment on one project at Hospital which was $299,000 originally down to $27,000.
  • Created in-house specialty services that allowed Gadsden Regional to avoid a $800,000 wireless patient monitoring system.
  • Managed the patient monitoring project for the facility that was projected to cost 1.2 million dollars and actually got the project completed for $298,000.
  • Created in-house respiratory service, which saved $20,000 annually at each facility that chose to use the program.


Bachelors Health Care Management

University of Alabama at Birmingham

Masters of Science in Health Administration

University of Alabama at Birmingham

Compensation Requirements

Rates will vary based on location and housing availability. Very reasonable for the market.